Maintenance & Repairs

Winter is the ideal time to maintain your boat. This could include preparing the boat, engine and/or generator for winter, maintenance of the engine, changing the oil and renewing the filters, draining of the water system, emptying the tanks and making the toilet frost free. You can choose to do this yourself or have one of our technicians do it for you.

In the winter months you can also ask us to take care of the following services for you:

- Antifouling treatment
- Fitting of bow and stern thrusters
- Inspection and/or pressure testing of your gas system for HISWA certification
- Checking and repairing of the propeller and propeller shaft
- Installing and maintenance of a boat stove
- Repairing or measuring up of a boat cover
- Damage repair through spot repair
- Polishing of the hull and structure of your boat
- Lacquering of your boat
- Treating of woodwork inside and outside your boat
- Application of a synthetic teak deck

You can also call upon us if you have any other questions about the maintenance of your boat. We will be happy to help you and to give you our expert advice. It is not permitted to carry out repairs on shore or in the hall without the harbour master's prior permission. This also applies to antifouling application. The sanding down of boats is only permitted in the work hall. You can hire our work hall for any work that you wish to carry out on your boat.

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